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The first of its kind, NZIA’s decentralized wireless payment system provides an alternate payment infrastructure for CBDC that augments existing payment networks.

Decentralized and wireless
Extend financial inclusion
Full authority and regulatory control
Offline capability
24/7/365 availability
Lightning fast transactions

People-first Technology

NZIA CBDC is designed to be embraced by the general population and eventually become as ubiquitous as cash, and tailored to the social and geographical characteristics unique to each region.

Core Principles

Accessible to everyone

even without a smartphone

Available anywhere

across all communities

Available anytime

24/7/365, just like cash

Broadly inclusive

both financial and industrial

Loveable by everyday people

simple, quick and free to use


An inclusive architecture

To provide broad accessibility and ensure constant availability of CBDC across a nation, there are significant technical challenges that must be overcome. These challenges are especially compounded for archipelagic states and nations with geographically dispersed regions with low population densities. In order to extend financial inclusion to all the remote communities in an economically feasible way, a new type of approach is required.

NZIA has developed an innovative Decentralized Wireless Payment System, consisting of a modular design that can be customized to meet regional needs ranging from highly dense urban cities to sparse rural towns and villages. In order to streamline upfront investment costs, our systems can be adapted to work with existing infrastructure and easily scale on an as-needed basis, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Image of beach bar
Hybrid wireless networks
Hardware blockchain node

The NZIA platform integrates hybrid wireless communication networks, blockchain hardware nodes, edge processing capability and the NZIA Cortex DLT. Our approach provides an alternative payment infrastructure that is capable of working alongside existing banking systems, to augment financial networks with improved efficiency. By providing an alternative decentralized payment network ancillary to existing centralized networks, single points of failure can be overcome to enhance the overall financial system with greater flexibility and stability.

Alice’s Story

To help illustrate NZIA CBDC in action, we share a short story of Alice and Bob living on their beautiful tropical island of 10,000, with only a single bank and an under-developed infrastructure.

Alice holding and looking at her smart phone
Today is pay day and Alice is happy because of instead of taking her cheque straight to the bank and waiting in long lineups along with everyone else, she can skip the lines and go straight home because she received her pay directly into her CBDC wallet from her employer.
Close-up of Alice looking at her smart phone
Alice decides that she'll need to spend half of her pay taking care of expenses. Using her mobile smart phone, she opens her carrier's mobile app that has already been integrated into NZIA though APIs, to allow her topup with just a few clicks using CBDC.
Close-up of Alice looking at her smart phone
Alice then decides to send some money to her husband Bob by a free P2P transfer, to pick up some groceries on his way home; Except this is not a normal P2P transfer from phone to phone.
Bob holding up and looking at his NZIA debit card
Bob is a more traditional kind of guy and prefers the plastic debit card issued to him from the local bank, over using a smart phone. Through NZIA, CBDC is transferred seamlessly from Alice’s mobile wallet directly to Bob’s physical card; She deposits the rest of her money into her savings account.
CASH-ONLY sign with rain in front of it
It’s getting later on in the evening and the weather starts to get dicey. Unbeknownst to Bob, due to adverse conditions on the main island the payment network on his island has totally lost connection to the main network. Typically, in these scenarios, signs would go up at merchants letting people know system is down, so cash-only.
NZIA ACCEPTED sign with rain in front of it
Luckily, this is not a typical payment network. Because of unique NZIA technology, despite the network partition, the payment network on this island continues to operate independently.
Bob paying using his NZIA debit card at the grocery store checkout
Bob heads to the supermarket, grabs his groceries, and presents his card to the cashier who collects payment by scanning the QR code on it using the free POS mobile app. Behind the scenes, NZIA’s innovative reverse pull-push technology processed the transaction within seconds, and Bob is happily on his way.

About NZIA

NZIA builds Decentralized Wireless Payment Systems. Our CBDC solutions provide Central Banks with greater maneuverability and flexibility to navigate the digital economy, in a frictionless manner, designed to work within existing financial frameworks and regulations.

With offices in Canada, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa and The Bahamas, NZIA is embarking on its mission to empower transactions for everyone, anywhere and anytime.

Executive Team

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Jay Joe

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jay has been building solutions across various industries including risk management, enterprise solutions and advanced security technologies for nuclear and critical national infrastructure.

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Vinay Mohan

Chief Operating Officer

Vinay is a management consultant and blockchain startup leader with over 15 years experience delivering C-Suite mandates in banking, financial services and the public sector.

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Legal Counsel

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